Renewable Energy
Emergency Response 24/7, 365 Days a Year


Our Renewable Energy Division is a group of highly competitive professionals specialized in the use of Alternate Energy Sources. We are experts on developing projects that involve "Green Technologies" (photovoltaic, thermo-solar and wind energy)

Our staff is trained by the National Association of Solar Energy (ANES), by the Mexican Association of Renewable Energy Suppliers (AMPER), by the Shared Risk Trust (FIRCO), by the Energy Research Center of UNAM (CIE-UNAM), among others.

Because we are authorized distributors of the most prestigious brands at a national and international level, we can offer the best technical-technological development at unbeatable prices

Our Services:

Dimensioning and installation of photovoltaic arrangements
Back up / emergency systems
Signaling and control
Solar plants
Solar refrigeration
Photovoltaic pumping
Solar air conditioning (buildings, hospitals, control and machine rooms)
Climate control ponds / tanks
Solar concentration projects (driers, furnaces)