Inspection programs for the prevention of leaks and spills
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The FRA regulations establish fines and penalties for railroads as well as hazardous materials shippers that avoid compliance with regulatory requirements. HESCA currently assist numerous clients in ensuring that all transportation related shipments comply with proper operation of safety and security devices during transportation. This assessment prevents the issuance of big fines and prevents spills that becomes an environmental liability to the shipper or the transportation company.

We offer you and your company a complete SPILL PREVENTION PROGRAM, which consists of a thorough inspection of rail or road transportation units during the loading and/or unloading of hazardous and non-hazardous products.

The SPILL PREVENTION program enables safe movement of our clients which enter and leave the U.S. – Mexico Border. HESCA has the interest of protecting our client's investment and ensure that the liability and risks are eliminated an avoiding leaks and spills which could result in large fines by regulatory agencies in both the U.S. and Mexico.